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My Fun Childhood Bilingual Childcare, Inc.
121 Walton Avenue
Uniondale, NY

Hours: 7:30AM - 6:00PM

(516) 481-4876


Lead by program director Jaciara Isaac, our daycare center offers an enjoyable atmosphere for your child. This safe and fun facility is guided by professional experience. Children up to age 9 from nearby towns such as Uniondale, Hempstead, Westbury and East Meadow are welcome to join the educational process at our location. We are here to contribute to the cognitive and social development of your child. Learning these skills early in life can have a huge impact on their future. With a master's degree in Early Childhood Education, Jaciara Isaac is looking forward to guiding to child's abilities in the right direction.

Cognitive and social Skills

Cognition is the process of absorbing new information. When a young person's brain begins to understand the concepts of memory, comparison and cause and effect, they will be better prepared for functioning during adolescence and adulthood. After their time at My Fun Childhood is completed, the youngsters will have a positive experience to propel their behavior and mental growth.